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Pietro Franesi International art curator
Arianna Ellero’s
Arianna’s work is characterized by a rigorous attention to formal elements such as color, shape, balance, depth, composition and scale.
She’s not alone.
What sets it apart?
What is inside and beyond her works.
Her experience, her pains, her love for her, her hopes, the ups and downs of a girl who seeks harmony with what surrounds her life and which she throws with her.
She paints for love, to seek it, to share it.
An artist is such if she manages to create empathy with those who observe her works. If art were a matter of technique, it would be enough to create software that contained the desired parameters, transfer them to a robot and there would no longer be a need for artists.
Some are doing it, but they are freaks.
The work of art is the mirror of an artist’s soul.
I chose Arianna to dedicate four works to the four monotheistic religions.
An artist was needed who combined a scrupulous search for color, who sought a balance with the frescoes of the Church, where the personal exhibition will be held, who immersed herself in the intangible values that unites believers of different religions and those who do not believe but who share certain values universal.
Behind her colors you will be able to see the virtues and dramas that religions have suffered and provoked, you will see the history of humanity, with the hope that the light will prevail over the darkness of today and in the future.

ABOUT MY WORKS To tell the truth, I don’t really know what religions are.
I have always seen religion as a closed box that tells the human what he or she should or must do and where in society one can place oneself to be in the right. Franesi’s request for me to delve into religions through color was very interesting on the level of experimentation, but more importantly on the level of personal commissioning. 4 works and 5 colors made by a believer towards the cult of Nature, a pagan who through painting tries to understand her way. That of the totality of the elements and perhaps of the peace I cannot find and as Pietro says, searching for what is not there. No one is right, no one is wrong, I have always been opposed to any form of power, I am a rebel who would like to get out of any box, any imposition, but to do this I have to enter it, observe, experience, suffer and be happy at the same time. In another life maybe I would have been burned, as a woman and as a witch. Through these works I created, destroyed and recreated, trying to go beyond myself, my limitations and my past, trying to empathize with the Little Church of St. Sebastian and the 5 religions.   Arianna Ellero

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