The Church

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My goal is to become the most important Gallery on the planet.

I want to be completely different from the others.

I do not like galleries that resemble a bazaar and stick works next to each other.

I love the symbiosis between the artist and the exhibition venue.

The works should be completely new and in symbiosis with the frescoes of the Church.

In symbiosis does not mean preparing religious-themed works, but finding a balance of color and artistic sensibility with the Italian Renaissance frescoes painted on the walls.

The artist is free to develop this symbiosis by following his artistic language, from figurative to abstract, without any limits.

In the Church, I ONLY will exhibit 4 FOUR works or specific installations.

Many artists think that to be successful you have to exhibit in New York or Dubai or Shanghai.

Having an excellent coefficient, exhibiting in prestigious galleries.

All lies.

First: if it were true, how many of you would have to commit suicide? 99.99%

Second: Today you can be in the smallest village in the Mongolian tundra but you can be successful. It depends on the uniqueness of your work and your artistic language.

Many of you think “there is nothing to discover”. Tell it to Bansky. Bullshit!

The real problem is that there are too many of you, too many artists, and you do the same things, copying and recounting each other in a spoiled and boring circle.

Just go to the fairs or visit the galleries in New York and Shanghai. Once you have visited the first, you can go home. It’s all the same.

Shit, you gotta see what’s not there.

What there is, even if you do it better than the first, you will always come second.

Do something unique, hang it in the forest, communicate it and the world will come looking for you.

An artist is primarily a seeker.

An Indiana Jones or a Lara Camp who spend their lives looking for the new, the unknown.

And the new will be there every day if you are a seeker.

Aren’t you twenty?

Batzi gatzi, but what has age to do with it? A seeker is until the end of his life.

And when you discover the Holy Grail to collectors, nothing will give a damn about your age.

Otherwise, keep decorating but Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons do it better than you. They are incomparable decorators, painters, barkers, and pimps.

They are not interested in researching but in pleasing the bad taste of their rich collectors. They are not interested in going down in history but at the cashier. I know many of you would make the same choice.

Forget it.

There is no chair for you at that table.

If you choose this crazy road, looking for what is not there, I am waiting for you.

It will be a long road and many times we will fight, but we will respect each other and we will get to where you have never been. Badly it will be better than today.

Get off that fake throne, propped up by dreams and lies, get down into the shit, smell it and wake up. Because today you are in the shit.

Change your mind, then you will also change the path of your artistic journey and you will find me under the shade of the Church doar, in Città di Castello, waiting for you, smocking an Cohiba Behike.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue to be fooled by the professionals of virtual success, by touring in unknown galleries, by publications in magazines, or artistic encyclopedias, do not break my balls.

Stay away from me. I bite.

With respect, peace, and love

Pietro Franesi


The Church

1 thought on “THE DIRECTOR”

  1. Stella Chaviaropoulou

    Pietro- please do not change!
    You set me free and made me feel free to create all that lives inside my mind and heart.
    Thank you for being there for me!
    The best part of my ( artistic creation) journey has not come yet..I m sure of it!
    Stella Caviart

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